Almond crisp bread
Apple and coconut buns
Cinnamon buns
Cinnamon and muscovado buns
Raspberry caves
Rolled wafers
Walnut bread

Oat meal porridge extra all

Cakes and desserts
Ambrosia cake (May Day cake)
Cloudberry tartlet
Fried camembert with hot cloudberry jam and parsley
Fruity pear pie
Lemon and lime tart
Saffron pancake
Strawberry dessert
Summer’s best little rhubarb crumble pie
Swedish cheesecake / Ostkaka
Tosca cake
Wild raspberry pie with blueberry meringue
Wine jelly with cloudberries and raw cream

Fermented herring
Fish & chips
Salmon and beetroot patties
Salmon pudding / Laxpudding
Seared whithefish with beets and horseradish butter
Smoked perch
Spicy seared salmon
Sweet chili baked salmon with cashew nuts

Cabbage pudding (Kålpudding) – A Swedish classic
Juicy meatloaf wrapped in bacon
Marinated pork loin with mixed tomatoes and herb cream cheese
Roasted chicken drumsticks with fennel and orange
Sauerkraut casserole with spicy sausages
Spring chicken with asparagus and autumn chanterelle sauce

Outdoor cooking
Charcoal buns or Kolbullar 
Smoked perch
Stick bread and hot dogs

Pasta / Pies / Pizza
Autumn chanterelle, bacon and spinach pie
Garlicky butternut squash pizza
Pasta Temptation anchovy style
Spinach lasagna with bacon

Gravlax sauce

Bean soup with basil oil
Clam chowder
Lentil soup
Nettle soup and poached egg
Pea soup
Rose Hip Soup – three versions

Asparagus and goat cheese flan
Bean soup with basil oil
Nettle soup and poached egg
Sugar and salt-cured lavaret with mustard and dill sauce

Bird nests

Vegetarian dishes
Dill stewed potatoes
Garlicky butternut squash pizza
Risotto with autumn chanterelles


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