Sweet chili baked salmon with cashew nuts

Does it sound familiar? Late home from work and you have barely closed the door behind you before the yelling starts. “What’s for dinner?”, “I’m hungry!”, “Ain’t dinner ready soon?” At times like these it’s great to have some quick and easy recipes up your sleeve. This sweet chili baked salmon with cashew nuts with mustard cream and a steamed broccoli and bean salad could be your savior, ready in 15 minutes.

Sweet chili baked salmon with cashew nuts

Plated salmon


Besides the ingredients above you’ll need a package of creme fraiche, coarse-grained mustard and honey for the sauce and broccoli and kidney beans for the salad.


I won’t give any measures, just adjust according to the size of salmon.

  • Preheat oven to 200° C
  • Brush the salmon with some olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper on top.
  • Mix sweet chili sauce with lemon juice (to your own taste) and 1-2 cloves minced garlic and spread over the salmon.

Sweet chili sauce

  • Add a couple of handfuls coarsely chop cashew nuts on top and optional some rose pepper corns if you happen to have some in your spice rack.

Cashew nuts

  • Bake in 200° C until inner temperature is 56°. Takes about 8, 9 minutes.

Baked salmon

While the salmon is baking steam broccoli and mix with kidney beans and a vinegar dressing of your own choice and mix crème fraîche with honey and mustard.

This far into the recipe / cooking I always seem to lose focus and forget to shoot the planned photos. So sorry, no picts of how to make the mustard sauce.

Plated salmon 2


10 thoughts on “Sweet chili baked salmon with cashew nuts

    • Thanks Conor! A piece of cake when you are in a hurry. Just remember to transfer the salmon from freezer to fridge the night before unless you buy a fresh fish on your way home from work./ M 🙂

    • Allt är bra här, Gisela men kallt. Vintern kom till slut. Och snart kommer New York att få uppleva en (den första?) prinsessfödelse. Vad säger du om det? Är det någon uppmärksamhet kring detta där borta?
      Kram Meggie

      • Jag skall saga som sanningen ar…..
        Har inte hort eft knyst om det har i New York. Ingen bryr sig, helt klart. Jag laser ju svenska tidningar sa jag har ju koll, men amerikanarna har ingen aning om att det bor en svensk prinsessa runt hornan.

        Ja du, och vi far mer sno ikvall. Vet inte riktigt vilken runda i ordningen vi ar pa. Det har riktigt varigt en elandig vinter for oss. Men, det tar dod pa mygg och fastingar och ger mycket vatten till grundvattnet, sa allt ar bra med oss.
        Kram pa er.


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