The Kanye West-burger

In today’s morning newspaper you could read the following about superstar and rapper Kanye West, who last week visited Stockholm to meet with Spotify’s founder and CEO Daniel Ek.

West, who is known for his love of hamburgers, stopped Thursday night for a bite at Brasserie Grand Escalier in Stockholm. However, he wasn’t really pleased with the burgers on the menu but required his very own, specially made hamburger. And this is what the Chef came up with.

The Kanye West-burger

First, the bottom of a brioche hamburger bun. Then dijonnaise (mayonaise flavored with Dijon mustard), lettuce, oven-dried tomato and fresh tomatoes. The actual burger was made of chuck with diced duck liver terrine and panchetta and fried with pickled shallots. A slice of gruyere cheese was melted over the burger and  topped with onions and some more dijonnaise.

The hamburger is said to be well liked by the star, whom I actually know very little about. Rap isn’t really my kind of music, too many f-words and too much glorifying of gangs, crime and drugs for my taste, but I admit there is a heavy beat and a certain poetic flow to the lyrics. And as you should never judge someone unheard, I’ll right a way log into Youtube and listen to Kanye West.


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