Meggie meets the bear

No recipe to share with you today either, instead I just have to share with you the most wonderful experience Devoted Husband and I had the other night. Well, not that kind of experience….

We have a recurring wish every summer and that is to see (meet, hm….) a bear in its natural habitat. Our summer cottage, “the Paradise”, is located in a rather bear tight region and we often see bear footprints and droppings when we are walking in the marshlands or in the woods, but we have never seen Mr Bear himself.

The other night we had borrowed a small hiding place way out in the middle of nowhere, and this was the night it was all going to happen, if our wishes came true that is.

We literally crawled into this minimal little shack, mounted up cameras and binoculars and began our wait. And then, after about two hours, he was suddenly there, 25-30 meters in front of the hide.

These are some of the pictures Devoted Husband managed to take before the bear had enough of the clicking sound from the camera and lumbered away among the trees. He returned once more during the night, but then it was too dark to shoot and we were just happy and grateful to be able to sit and watch this impressive, powerful animal while we were still safe in the hide.

The little white spots are midges (knott), a kind of very little mosquitoes especially common in the northern part of Sweden

The elves are dancing over the marshland


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