Happy 4th of July!

I don’t remember if you use to greet each other in any special way today, like Happy 4th of July or Merry National Day, so I just say good morning America, or god evening (or whatever time you have) on your glorius National Day!

It’s a long time since I celebrated 4th of July in Princeton, N.J., but I still remember how most of us expats from all over the world living in the Hibben and Magie apartements used to gather on the lawn in front of Lake Carnegie were we with joint forces formed a huge barbecue party; as we all came from different countries we all contributed with bits and pieces that were typical for our own country. The Italians brought wine, the French cheese, the Germans sausages and beer and I baked some cakes and then we all put our different pieces of meat on the fire and just enjoyed life and a kind of universal National Day all the way into the awesome and spectacular fireworks late at night. Real lovely memories!

No food today, no way I can compete with all of you “berbecueers” and grill masters out there. I just light my little fire cracker and wish you a lovely 4th of July wherever you are.




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