A three course meal – Part III – Cloudberry tartlet

Is there still room for some dessert and a cup of coffee?

I do not know whether you know or have heard of cloudberries (hjortron in
Swedish), the orange-yellow berries that look a bit like blackberries or raspberries and are rightly called “the gold of the North or the gold of the mashlands”. Warm cloudberry jam on ice cream or fried camembert with warm cloudberry jam are two very well-known and delicious desserts. 

For my dessert, I have chosen just cloudberry jam but it’ll probably turn out just as well with blackberry or raspberry jam.

Cloudberry tartlet

  • Puff pastry
  • Cloudberry jam or other jam
  • Heavy cream

Heat the oven to 200 degrees

Roll out puff pastry and mark circles with a glass (7-8 cm in diameter). Make sure the glass doesn’t cut through the pastry.

Cut a circle with a knife 2 cm outside the glass.

Spread the jam on the inner roundel and brush the edge with some melted butter
Bake bake for 12-15 minutes in the oven until edges turn golden brown.
Serve immediately with some whipped cream and a cup of coffee.


9 thoughts on “A three course meal – Part III – Cloudberry tartlet

    • You´re so right, Conor! When it comes to cloudberries you really have to gard your domains (mashlands). I’m lucky though, where I’ve my secret “cloudberry places” up north, the amount of bears in the region seems to scare people off, so I’ve them all to myself – both berries and bears!


  1. I love Hjortron. Ikea stopped selling the cloudberry jam, so now I can only get it when I go home or if I order it online…. Hjortron sylt/ cloud berry jam is the best!!! Great idea of the tartlet. Thank you.

    • Ja, hjortronsylt är verkligen sylten bland sylter, men det kanske beror på att bären inte är lika tillgängliga som blåbär och lingon. Har för mig att man kan hitta dem även i Småland, på myrar och fuktiga ställen, eller….? Själv har jag plockat dem på vissa öar i Stockholms skärgård, men inte i de mänger som man hittar på myrarna i Norrland.
      Ha de´!

    • Lucky you! I’m a bit worried about this year’s “harvest” due to the extraordinary cold spring and where the nights still drop below zero, which might be crucial for the flowers. Just have to keep my fingers crossed!

      Thx for stopping by and liking my posts!

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